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Day 11 on Mars and crew 136 ready for the launching !

Today is one of the most waited day ! The day of the launching of our balloon. For this great event, a second delegation coming from earth were present to film it. It was a great success, the balloon reached an height of more than 200 feet ! A camera was placed on the nacelle of the balloon, so we have a recording of the flight with two points of view : one from the balloon and one from the ground. However, there is one more thing to do for this project, no the funniest one but that remains necessary : analysing the data collected during the flight !

Unlike the event of this morning, the afternoon was more similar of what we did the previous days.
We made an EVA with two purposes : Taking other measures on the streambed and collecting more dirt samples. But this time we collected samples not near the lake but in a small canyon localized previously.

And now, the continuation of our mice story. This time, the situation is inverted ! Indeed, we didn't catch any mouse, but one succeed in defusing one of our trap. Indeed, this morning, we saw that one of our traps had moved from almost 1 meter of its initial place but without mouse inside ! That yields the actual score : Martian mice, 1 point and Crew 136, 3 points. :)

And that's all for today ! Shorter than usual but when everything is going well, there is not so much to say. :)