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Journalist Report
Quentin Cappart

Day 12 on Mars !

The day of our departure is quickly approaching. It's time for us to take advantage of these last
days to finish all the stuff that we have planned to do on Mars. Fortunately, all the works for our
projects are in a good way and close to be finished. Science reports concerning the projects are
coming the next days and will explain in more detail what we exactly did on Mars.

This afternoon we had our first outing with the ATV. Its purpose was to reach a completely different
area to take mineral's samples. Indeed, now that we have collected a lot of minerals near the
station, we wanted to see which kind of minerals we can find in a farther area. On this purpose the
ATV were necessary. However, because of the menacing clouds appearing at the horizon, the team
decided to return earlier than expected at the station. Fortunately, despite the fact that they
didn't stay enough time at the destination area, they could collect a few minerals.

How can I finish my report without another mice story ? One thing is sure, there are still mice in
the station but not only here... in the Greenhab too ! Indeed, this morning Benoît found that some
lettuces were eaten. We are not entirely sure about the guilty but the most likely ones are rodents!
Maybe a revenge of them ! Moreover, another mouse defused one of our trap. The mice really become
clever !