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Crew 137


Hiroyuki Miyajima, Commander
Hiroyuki Miyajima is a professor at Tokyo Jogakkan College. He conducted research on space habitation and spacecraft design as a visiting professor at the University of Colorado at Boulder, department of Aerospace Engineering and Sciences fall semester 2013.
He majored in aeronautics at Nihon University in Tokyo and has been doing research on space habitation design for over twenty years. One of his primary works concerns life support material circulation analysis and design to support habitation experiments for the Closed Ecology Experiment Facilities (CEEF), used in Japan’s Biosphere. He received a Ph.D. in this field in 2005.
He participated on Crew 132 at the Mars Desert Research Station (MDRS) as an engineer and on Crew 137 as the commander of Team Nippon (Japan) in the 2013-2014 field season. He is currently engaged in research about logistics and life support systems analysis for high-mobility exploration. He is interested in habitation technology, logistics and excursion using vehicles on planetary surfaces.

Naomi Katayama, XO, Crew Journalist
Naomi Katayama is a professor at Nagoya Women’s University and she is doing research on food science and nutrition. She is also a dietitian and is interested in creating healthy meals for the crew by using a healthy low Glycemic Index (GI) food at MDRS.
I learned dietetics at University of California Davis during two years (1988-1990). I am in charge of a life-support system and protecting health of the crew.
I have some License: Registered dietitian, Cook, Confectionery hygienist, Engineering bachelor, Master of Agriculture, Ph.D (medicine), Master of Business Administration, Healthy sports instructor. 
In this mission, I will do "hygiene management : ATP examination” , “hygiene microbe management : Stamp test”, “sanitization and deodorization by using the acid-alkali device",  “Disaster food management : disaster food with little water”, “Cooking : nourishment management”, "Japanese traditional cleaning method practice: used tea leaves and coffee”, “Use of the minimum water : Water consumption of the shower、the cooking and the restroom”, “Cultivation of alfalfa”,   

Yoshimi Takase, GreenHab officer
Yoshimi Takase is an undergraduate student and is studying food science and nutrition at Nagoya Women’s University. She supports the food science and nutrition research conducted by Prof. Katayama.

Maki Kawai, Health & Safety Officer
Maki Kawai is an undergraduate student and is studying food science and nutrition at Nagoya Women’s University. She supports the food science and nutrition research conducted by Prof. Katayama.

Reiji Moroshima, Engineer
Reiji Moroshima was born in Tokyo and spent his youth in Japan. After graduating from Tohoku University in Sendai, Japan with a bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering, he started his career as a systems analytical engineer for business infrastructure systems in the rise of mobile internet fields. After working for a while, he decided to pursue his aspiration in architecture in space and eventually completed his masters in architecture at University of Michigan in Ann Arbor.
Reiji currently works as a researcher of Environmental Control and Life Support System, ECLSS, simulation as well as a systems architect of satellite planning systems for Space Systems Development Corporation in Tokyo. He likes to travel around the world visiting more than 20 countries including Guatemala, Senegal, Singapore and Italy in months-long activities. He also enjoys skiing in winter and jog for his spare time.

Wataru Okamoto, Engineer
Wataru Okamoto is a Chief Technical Researcher at Aichi Science & Technology Foundation Synchrotron Light Facilities in Nagoya University. His main works are the construction of Aichi synchrotron light facilities and X-rays reflectometry and topography. He received a bachelor’s degree in physics at Tsukuba University.

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