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Commander Report
Miyajima Hiroyuki

The commander room’s window gives me an amazing starry sky every night. I have been watching the stars until midnight, so that may be causing me to lack sleep. When I get a medical check by Health and Safety Officer (HSO) every morning, my blood pressure is rising day by day. I need to sleep more.
On Crew 137, all meals are managed and designed by our nutritionist considering the evaluation of sensory test interviewed and amount of activities counted by equipment. We have to answer a lot of questions consisting of taste, smell, visual, and amount, for all foods in the three meals every day. Our daily photos will show the three daily meals.
After exercise using a bungee rope, we conducted our individual research without an EVA in the Hab. I proofread my research paper regarding the Mars transit habitat module design. An engineer prepared a crew video we have to submit this weekend. The other engineer measured the dimensions of this Hab and drew the drawing. The nutritionist and her students prepared our three meals and collected the data about hygiene control and water consumption regarding the cooking and our daily life.
We will begin our first EVA using ATVs tomorrow.