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Green Hab Report
06 /03/2014
Yoshimi Takase (Naomi Katayama)

The heater has been running: from 6pm to 9.30am
The pump is operating normally and the hydroponic tank water under 4.5 cm.
This morning, I attached some pictures for you to see.

Greenhab readings for 5PM today are as follows:
                         Current             Min                 Max
Temperature       72 F            45 F                      75 F  
Humidity              18%            15 %                 18 %

Greenhab readings well.
Many vegetable are growing very good.
A mushroom grew to the flowerpot.
I have never seen this mushroom before.
Because I might influence a radish, I removed the mushroom.
A mouse appeared in MDRS from yesterday. A mouse has eaten the young leaves of the bean which was in our room. A young leaves of a bean eaten by a mouse is nine of them in total. It is necessary to set rat poison.