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8 /3/2014
Journalist report
Naomi Katayama

It is Saturday today. We listening to music while ate breakfast.

We am going to edit the video in all the members today. Okamoto collects videos of each person. The video of ATV and the EVA was submitted from Okamoto and the archipelago. HAB, the cooking and ATP examination were submitted by Katayama.

Two students work hard. The work of two students is reflected in the video. We thank two students. In addition, the crew (Miyajima, Morishima, Okamoto) activity of three people was reflected in the video of ATV and the EVA. Katayama performs life-support. We really look forward to it what kind of video is done. We spent it peacefully all day long today. A mouse was not able to be caught yesterday. I expect it tomorrow.

We ate insect foods yesterday. Various questions have been sent. “Why do you eat insect foods?”, “Is this connected with Mars exploration?” Of course the insect food is connected with Mars exploration.  This is because it cannot put a large creature on the spaceship when it goes for Mars exploration. In addition, the insect is necessary for the pollination of the plant. In addition, the silkworm is necessary to make clothes. The silk thread is necessary for a medical article. The insect can increase numbers explosively. It is lipid and protein in most cases when I analyze an insect. The insect is splendid food.

We analyzed it about consumption of the water. It is follows our each consumption.
 Shower : 4gallons/1crew,
Shampoo : 4 gallons/1crew,
Minimal water closet : 1.4 gallons/1 crew,
 Max water closets : 1.9 gallons/1 crew,
 Meal : 4 gallons / 6 crew/ day,
Face-wash Toothbrushing : 0.3 gallons / 1 crew
Hand-washing : 0.2 gallons / 1 crew
Plant 4 gallons / 1 bucket
Washing : 5 gallons / 6 clothes
Dishwashing :  0.2 gallons /one meal
MDRS 02/03/2014-07/03/2014 Water consumption
I compared the consumption for use in the 7-day calculation and the real consumption for use. It becomes approximately equal. Approximately 50% of all consumption of the water are used for the water closet of the restroom. It will be necessary to convert a restroom in future. We introduce the restroom of the saving water type.

We spent one week in MDRS.  We will report for you about our life of MDRS.