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Commander Report
Miyajima Hiroyuki

Our second week began today. I got up at 6:30 am. We came from a place that had a different local time. So although I was jet lagging at first, now my sleep is getting deeper and deeper. We take health checks such as weight, blood pressure, and body temperature every morning. Furthermore, we took the second tests of smell and gustatory after breakfast. We took the same tests before this mission. The results of all crew members today were considered normal. Our health conditions are getting better and better.
Three crew members conducted the third EVA using ATV. We went to the eastern valley of MDRS and checked the navigation method inside the canyon. Three crew members tried another hygiene control method using the liquid sodium hypochlorite produced by the portable production system.
We will be able to upload our crew video tonight. We have to wrap up our research at MDRS by this Friday.