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Journalist report
Naomi Katayama

Today is the last day to do EVA. Four crews (Okamoto, Takase, Kawai and Katayama) went out. Four people returned safely. (Departure9:45, Arrival 11:55) All six people handle each work very well. Four crews walked near MDRS. They found much space debris on the way. We think that space debris to be garbage of conventional Crew. It is necessary to strengthen a manner for the space debris on Mars. We think that this is very important. We want to have you follow a manner from next crew by all means.

We think that battery becomes old. Exchange of the battery may be necessary. Two crews could not get air in the middle of activities outboard. Because it is to be life-threatening, we want to ask for exchange of the battery by all means. The space suit charged it during night, but a battery ran out on the way.

It was splendid scenery. Four crews were impressed by the magnificent Mars.

Naomi Katayama and Yoshimi Takase took care of the plant. The lettuce grows smoothly. The lettuce waits for crew to come next. I think that forthcoming crew can eat a delicious lettuce every day.  

It was a wonderful in the morning today. However, wind was strong and blew from the afternoon. I saw the cloud which it rained. Strong wind blew afterwards.

Every day is impressive for us. So we, Crew 137 Team NIPPON, are not able to forget 15 days in MDRS throughout our life.
Anyway, we really enjoy life in MDRS. Time had left quickly. We can stay in MDRS only Four more days.