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Commander Report
Miyajima Hiroyuki

We are listening to classical music which is provided at MDRS every day when we have breakfast, lunch, and dinner. We used classical music and jazz to make our crew video. I got up at 6:30 and had breakfast with crewmembers at 7:30 this morning. One of the scientists is studying insect foods such as silk worms, bee larvae, locusts, and stonefly larvae boiled in soy sauce for protein supply on Mars. It is easy to increase the number of insects and it doesn't require a large volume to cultivate per mass of nutrients compared to cows and pigs. She served the insect foods for our breakfast a few days ago.

Only two days remain for our simulation at MDRS. Our three crewmembers conducted the last EVA near the canyon near MDRS. I will wrap up the EVA parameters and constraints for mobility exploration on Mars surface. I think we can also apply the results for unmanned surface exploration though we conducted the simulations for manned surface exploration.

We had delicious noodles for lunch at the Hab after the EVA today.