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12 /3/2014
Journalist report
Naomi Katayama

Today is the last day to move ATV. Three crews (Miyajima, Morojima and Okamoto) went out by using ATV. Three people returned safely. (Departure10:05, Arrival 12:25) All six people handle each work very well. Three crew watched a puddle and a small river made by the yesterday's rain. There was the space creature (lizard), too. There was the Mars creature (footprint of the animal), too.They enjoyed a Martian beautiful .It was splendid scenery. Three crews were impressed by the magnificent scenery on Mars.

Naomi Katayama and Yoshimi Takase and Mika Kawai cleaned the room. I collected garbage and measured weight. We noticed that there was much weight of the garbage of the can. A device to reduce quantity of the garbage is necessary. If quantity of all ingredients was laminating tube processing, we thought that garbage decreased.

The plant of the plant factory is very fine. It seemed to be slightly hot today. The soil of most plants dried. we gave a plant water at 5:00 in the evening. We think that we may get cold at night. We attached the heater.

We want to perform things as many as possible for only three days. In the evening, we talked about our schedule, what we can perform in three days. In addition, we talked about sharing of report, who is doing which one. It seems to be a busy day again tomorrow.

Anyway, we really enjoy life in MDRS. Time had left quickly. We can stay in MDRS only Three more days.