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Journalist Report
Jimmy Urquhart

Members of Crew 138's first full day on Analog Mars was spent out of
sim settling in, fixing the rear deck, tracking down a
plumbing issue, cleaning up both the upstairs and lower level of the
Hab, setting up the secondary satellite communications system,
and removing several bags of trash from around the environment of the Hab.
After a meal and finishing the duties the crew embarked on a hike to
see braided stream deposits located about three miles to the
north of the Hab. The hike provided the opportunity for the crew to
get to know each other further and while also joking and
laughing. Other subjects discussed included the local geography,
geology, the environment and exploration of Mars and what
childhood movie scared a crew member for life.
A near by herd of cattle and a couple cute calves provided the chance
to contemplate how tasty they would be.
At this time crew members are preparing reports, completing light duty
around the Hab and snacking.
Six crew members were present at dawn and six crew members of present
now. Regretfully, we are not snacking on what would sure
be a tender and delicious bovine calf.
Tea and cookies are served.