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Commander Report
Jamie Guined
Today was our 5th day on analog Mars, and we have already accomplished a large amount of work, primarily to the Habitat and its campus, but we are also making good progress on our own research projects as well.  I feel very fortunate to be in Command of this expedition because in my opinion, I have the best crew that anyone could hope to have.  Our unique and diverse backgrounds have led to many interesting conversations, collaborative work that allows us to leverage each other’s strengths and weaknesses, and seems to be providing for a richer and more varied experience here at MDRS when compared to a crew that might be comprised of a more homogenous group of people.

The Crew began work on an aerial mapping project of the MDRS campus today using a quad copter, completed a food and spice inventory of the Habitat’s pantry, finished up what little cleaning and organizing of the Habitat that still remained, and participated in a GREAT exercise session.

Tonight’s activities include EVA planning, examining different types of rocks and minerals using a microscope, and teambuilding.

Life on analog Mars is great!

Ad Astra,

Commander Guined

MDRS Crew 138