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Commander Report
Jamie Guined

Today was a rather slow day at MDRS with most crewmembers catching up on writing and documentation for their individual projects, and planning how to best utilize their time for the remainder of their stay here at MDRS.  We also spent a fair amount of time filming additional footage for National Geographic, and our Crew Biologist, Besh Saab, worked on perfecting his version of the song "Is there life on Mars?" for the art outreach project he is working on in partnership with a couple of school systems. 
We will continue working on our soon-to-be-released crew video tonight, as well as our final mission report, and individual crew presentations.  
Tomorrow morning we will host a magazine photography crew from Rodale Publishing for 3-4 hours, and will then continue working on our normal day-to-day activities here at MDRS.

From Mars to Earth,

Jamie Guined
Crew 138