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Eva Report
Johanna Hoyt

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For EVA #7, we planned to hike to the top of "Olympus Mons", the dome north of the habitat with exposed strata. On a previous EVA, we scoped out a safe route to follow to the top. At the top of the dome, I will be checking a GPS coordinate generated by Google Earth for purposes of evaluating the Google Earth generated geologic map.
Climbed up to the top of "Olympus Mons" to get to point 19. We will be discarding point 14, since wasn't able to get to the location to check it. Point 13 will also be discarded as it is too difficult and dangers to get to. GPS 019 elevation 1422m, N38 24' 51.9'' W110 47' 18.7''. Also collected two more GPS points at obvious features to match up to Google Earth images later at the habitat. GPS 020 elevation 1419m, N38 24' 49.1'' W110 47' 17.1''. GPS021 elevation 1422m, N38 24' 51.1'' W110 47' 18.0''. Both points plotted on Google earth and they look like they are located spot on.
We visually inspected the valley floor to the south of the peak, and recognized may of the faulted features that had been mapped by computer previously (Google Earth). They were very clear and distinguishable features in the field from a high vantage point.
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Safely reached the top of the Dome with exposed strata.
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Collected GPS coordinate and made observations about geologic structures. Mostly confirmation about previously mapped faults via Google Earth.
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