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Commander Report
Jamie Guined

Today was definitely indicative that we have shifted gears and are now beginning to wind down as the mission comes to an end in just a couple of short days.  All crewmembers are working diligently to prepare their inputs for the final mission report, planning final EVAs, and assisting with cleaning and preparation of the Habitat for the incoming crew.  Our time here at MDRS has been well spent, we have all benefited tremendously from this experience.  We will all take what we have learned from the research we have conducted here at MDRS and apply it in either our personal, professional, and/or academic lives.
The unique environment of MDRS makes it a very engaging and realistic analog research platform for learning how to live off-Earth, and it will be the results of the efforts of crews like ours that will help to pave the way for the human exploration and colonization of other planets in our solar system, such as Mars.
Tonight’s activities will include continued work on the preparation of our final mission report, individual crewmember presentations on their area of expertise, and EVA planning for the final two days of our mission.
Tomorrow we plan to conduct another EVA for the purposes of continued data collection on the exertional difficulty of various EVA routes, and the comparison of the accuracy of remotely sensed images and in situ field observation. 
Until tomorrow,
Jamie Guined
Crew 138