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Journalist Report
Selena Barrientos

The crew woke up at 0800 this morning, and Michael refilled the water tank. Brad then cooked
breakfast while the rest of the crew got dressed for the day. The crew all ate breakfast then played a few card games. Lee stopped playing to make the green hab rounds and Michael quit shortly after to do the potable water rounds. After these were completed, the crew discussed the possible activities for the day and concluded that not much could be done without any gasoline for the ATV’s. The crew decided to split up on several jobs. Michael and Lee started to build a trellis in the green hab for the sweet peas. Alex cleaned the shower with bleach. Brad searched for the Geiger counter to begin the chemistry EVA. The Geiger counter was not located. Selena and Alice worked on their research projects. At 1200 Brad cooked lunch and the crew ate at 1300. After lunch, Alex and Selena washed dishes while Lee and Michael finished building the trellis in the green hab. At 1400, the crew proceeded to work on their Cap com reports and research projects. Brad began making bread for dinner
at 1700, and Michael began engineering rounds at 1800.