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Eva Report
Brad Turner
Eva Number:
Eva Date:
April 3, 2014
Time Slot:
Again, our objectives were two fold: a. Guarantee Michael had time to test his quad-copter, b. give the other half of our crew the opportunity to gather water for sampling.  We are trying to play catchup for having missed several opportunities from previous days' EVAs.  So, we have to double stack them and, since we won't send one person out at a time, we tried to group them together for safety reasons.
The same as with EVA 2, only they were unable to enter Pinto Canyon because there was not enough remaining daylight.  They instead will need to return tomorrow, provided we have gasoline. 
Eva Depart Time:
Check In Time One:
Check In One E:
Checked in via radio
Check In One N:

Check In Note One:
The Lookout, behind the Quarry
Check In Time Two:
Check In East Two:
Checked in via radio
Check In Note Two:
The Quarry
Check In Time Three:
Check In East Three:
Checked in via radio
Check In North Three:

Check In Note Three:
Pinto Canyon, too dark to enter
Check In Time Four:

Check In East Four:

Check In North Four:

Check In Note Four:

Eva Return Time:
Wp1 E:

Wp1 N:

Waypoint1arrive Time:

Eva W P1depart Time:

Wp1 Find:

Wp2 E:

Wp2 N:

Eva W P2arrive Time:

Eva W P2depart Time:

Wp2 Find:

Wp3 E:

Wp3 N:

Eva W P3arrive Time:

Eva W P3depart Time:

Wp3 Find:

Wp4 E:

Wp4 N:

Eva W P4arrive Time:

Eva W P4depart Time:

Waypoint Four Finding:

Waypoint Five Easting:

Waypoint Five Northing:

Waypoint Five Arrive Time:

Waypoint Five Depart Time:

Waypoint Five Findings: