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Journalist Report
Selena Barrientos

Michael and Brad woke up at 0630 this morning and left in full astronaut uniform at 0700 to retrieve more gasoline for the ATV’s. The remaining crew members woke up at 0800 and Michael and Brad returned shortly after. We all had a good laugh looking at the mug shots they took in full uniform. Alex made bacon tacos for breakfast then Michael, Alex, Lee and Alice suited up and headed out to Pinto Canyon for EVA 4. Brad and Selena stayed back at the hab for mission support and also worked on research and Capcom reports. Michael continuously checked in with us throughout EVA 4, and they returned at 1230. Brad pulled out all of the left overs for our lunch. After lunch, Brad, Michael, Lee, and Alice suited up and depressurized at 1330 for EVA 5. Alex and Selena stayed back at the hab for mission support. Selena completed her research results while Alex cleaned up the hab a bit more. Alex began making enchilada soup for dinner at 1700 and the crew returned from EVA 5 at 1730. After Michael and Lee completed their engineering and green hab rounds we all had dinner. Capcom reports began shortly after.