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Commander Report
Prepared by Paulina Sidwell

Crew 139B has landed! I am happy to report that out trip to MDRS was smooth and that the transition
with crew 139A went great. We arrived at the hab around 2 pm. They told us all about their great
experience over the past week and we spent the rest of the afternoon learning about what we need to
do. The debriefing process took about three hours. Crew 139A left about 5 pm. 

After they left, we began unpacking and jumped into our responsibilities immediately. Kelsey
collected bacteria samples for her project. Liz began cooking us dinner (it smells delicious in here
right now); Kelsey, Joshua and I started going through the GreenHab procedures; Kyle started doing
the Engineering rounds; Dylan worked on posting on our blog and is also helping with the cooking. 

We will be having a meeting tonight, after dinner, to talk about tomorrow and the excitement that
awaits! We are thrilled to be here, and cannot wait to start sim tomorrow when we wake up!