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Journalist Report
Prepared by Joshua MacFie

We arrived at the MDRS hab at 1400hrs. D.G. was delivering water while we were driving in. Awesome, we have water! Crew 139b 
members paired up with their crew 139a counterparts and were given a briefing on our personal duties and our Crew duties. Crew 
number 139a handed over the Hab today at 1700hrs. Commander Sidwell and myself, Executive Officer MacFie made an excursion 
for ATV fuel at 1700hrs. We filled three gas cans and should have ample supply for our simulated duties. When we left, Biologist 
Compagnon began to collect samples for her research. When we returned to the hab, Sidwell, Compagnon, and myself spent a little 
under a half an hour going through the 5:00 green hab duties. Engineer Flaherty is currently pumping water into the lower tank. The 
rest of our time has been spent cleaning, cooking, and prepping to commence simulation.