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Journalist Report
Joshua MacFie

Today started off at 0700 with an awesome, slow paced, self serve breakfast, served to the sounds of Biologist Kelsey’s wonderful music! The morning duties were then completed with Engineer Flaherty’s rounds, and green habitat duties taken care of by myself. Crew 139b then shifted into meeting mode for a brief overview of the day. Soon thereafter, at 0900, we began the microbiology activity with Biologist Kelsey’s guidance. After the biology activity, the crew worked on their research projects while Commander Sidwell spent some time painting the bathroom in the habitat. The 1700 green habitat duties were completed and some of the crew got a bit of relaxation in the earthly environment provided by MDRS and the previous green habitat project leaders. The green habitat has proven to be a spectacular reminder of our terrestrial homes. Crew 139a then finished off their pre CapCom activities with a warm jambalaya. We look forward to taking advantage of the musk observatory later tonight.