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Commander Report
Paulina Sidwell

Today we had visitors again. After we woke up and had breakfast, we took care of the engineering and
greenhab rounds and waited for the FOX news crew to show up. When they did, we learned what they
wanted to film, and for most of the morning I gave them a tour of the hab while the rest of the crew
worked on their individual research projects. Additionally, Liz and Dylan did a sieving analysis of
soil samples and Kelsey did gram staining of her bacteria samples and then observed them under the
microscope. For lunch, we had some delicious chili made by Liz and Dylan. After lunch, we suited up
so that Josh and I could go on a walking EVA with Emily, the reporter. We collected a couple of soil
samples and took pictures and video. Afterwards, the news crew interviewed a few of us. Liz made
apple cherry pie, which smells amazing! Afterwards, we all sat down to write reports and have
leftovers for dinner. Today was definitely out of the ordinary, but the whole crew adjusted to the
change in schedule and made today a very productive day.