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Journalist Report
Joshua MacFie

This morning started out right. We fended for ourselves in the pursuit of breakfast with Kyle’s “krunk” mixture of music. Green hab 
and engineering duties were taken care of quickly in order to get the days EVA’s under way. At 0930 Engineer Flaherty, Chemist 
Kirby, and myself set off on an EVA to find water. Success was had and we returned to the hab. Upon arrival the rest of our crew had 
lunch ready. At 1330, with a meal under their belts, the second EVA was performed by Commander Sidwell, Health and Safety Officer 
Painter, and Biologist Compagnon. Their mission was also to find water and was a complete success! They returned to the MDRS hab 
at 1630 and the samples were immediately tested. Our crew is currently awaiting the results of these tests.