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Journalist Report
Luciana Tenorio

Hi earthlings! Today we arrive at MDRS at 1400 after a long car trip with a surrounded by this awesome 
martian landscape. We were received by crew 139B. Crew 139B divided to show us all the different
parts of the hab, greenhab and outdoors. They told us about their small and furry friend! There are a
couple of mice that apparently like nutella! We are planning to put some more traps... At 1600 crew
139B show us how to use the ATV´s and the car in case of an emergency and how to refuel the vehicles.
Paulina made us white bread after having our first meal at the hab, noodles with dehydrated meat and
spinach! None of us had previously tasted dehydrated meat, it wasn't as bad as we expected but we
certainly will get used to it very fast! After we learned how to submit reports, we are looking forward for
tomorrow´s first day on Mars!