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Commander Report
Jorge Mírez

Hello. Today was a special day. Our second day on Mars and the first
day of actual work on our projects. We have all participated in each
project, we have interested in the details, and everyone believes from
his point of view. In the morning, pretty cool, made us think that we
would have a day out of the ordinary. However over the course of the
day, it was harboring. The breakfast was a little late, but delicious.
During lunch, we share new recipes made by Luciana with the help of
Ruth and Diego. Definitely adapt our delicious Peruvian food to the
Martian atmosphere, it will require more strategies to achieve a good
taste and appropriate use of resources. The EVA was very emotional,
have lots of potential projects and try to resolve impasses presented.
Towards evening, strong winds occur during the EVA. These winds are
reminiscent Martian conditions who have had previous crews. The
spectacular sunset with a clear sky observed from the Hab, makes us
remember our planet, but we still have much to work on each project
for future crews to come to Mars. That little star called Earth,
waiting for us, for now, we're all in good spirits and health.
Tomorrow and enjoy the total eclipse of the Moon, they are lucky, we
will admire with the photos come to us from Earth and remember those
wonderful times when we looked at the sky an eclipse escorted of the
planet Mars. Good night.