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Commander Report
Jorge Mírez

Today, we started the day late, we were watching Earth TV with 7 minutes delay. Our engineer has done his best to improve the weak signal coming from Earth: clean the noise and amplify, although there was still some noise. Then at 1000 h; Ruth, Adolfo and Luciana made ​​an EVA, with exciting results because the Martian area visited has many caves semi-enclosed, of many meters diameter. The lunch was excellent based on salmon. After lunch, we had a conversation many subjects: history, science, technology,television series, jokes, stories from real life . In the end of the talk, Diego continued working in the image processing trying to find techniques to recognize patterns of human footprints left on the Martian soil. Luiggi was also looking for other possible leakage
losses in the water supply system. Jorge was in the workshop making the missing parts of his ergonomic backpack. He reduced the seat height of the bike and made charges in the two batteries of the Spider robot; but one of the batteries was damaged during the changing process. That will cause a delay in the ergonomic backpack project. We were asked for a video of the entire crew. Luciana is working on it editing the scenes of the best and most interesting videos captured. We have been passing visitors and sporadic other terrestrials passing by to other places , arriving in vehicles of various shapes and types of propulsion: "Welcome friends... we are the crew all the way on Planet Mars!". That's all for
today. Tomorrow.