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Commander Report
Jorge Mírez

Hello Earthlings .
Today we had a day off, the reason is that last night from Earth we
reported that today we would
have adverse conditions around the station, it is a sandstorm coming
towards the MDRS. Throughout the day we heard the sound of the
structure of the MDRS by the thrust generated by the wind, even though
the density of the atmosphere of Mars is one hundredth of the Earth's
atmosphere. The crew used the gym for exercising arms and legs during
the morning. At noon we had enough time for we prepare a delicious
lunch. In the afternoon, an interesting work table was formed for to
study the thermal balance of GreenHab, were presented on the table,
static and dynamic models, it made by hand calculation or computer
simulation . Then we saw an documental movie of National Geographic
about Mars. We have access to scientific information, but observing
the information given to the public, allowing us feedback on our
strategies, because returning we to Earth apart from continuing our
projects, we will disseminate the experience we are carrying out in
the MDRS. Cheerful conversation we have the rest of the afternoon.
Finally, dinner and plans for tomorrow arises in the amical  dialogue
between the crew. In conclusion, a day to replenish and refine our
strategies for successful completion of our projects in these few days
we have left on Mars and that it soon we will return to our country:
PERU. See you tomorrow.