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Eva Report
Roberto Adolfo Ubidia
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This EVA was planned to find enoliths based on previeus crews EVAs. We were specially looking for bentonites.
We took the ATVs at 1500, we couldn't go at the time we programmed it so we went after taking dinner. We found the point rather quickly and we split in two groups, one looking for organisms growing in rocks an the other for taking pictures. In a first point in an elevated part we found many species of epilithic lichens, 4 to 5 especies. There was one in grey color that was predominant. we will try to identify it as soon as possible. We also took temperture (Air: 75,8oF. Rock: 80.8oF). We walked around that place finding mostly the predominant lichen. We tried lookng for bentonites but we couldn't found any. Probably for the lack in experience with this kind of rocks. Later we passed by some rocks with vegetation. There, we found 2 species, one seemed to be the predominant one, and the other was new. We measured the temperature again in this point (Air:74,7oF. Rock: 78,4oF )

Finally we headed to the hab. We arrived there at 1700

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Epilithic lichens
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