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GreenHab Report
Roberto Adolfo Ubidia
Morn Internal Temperature:

Noon Internal Temperature:

Even Internal Temperature:

Nite Internal Temperature:

Morn Internal Humidity:

Noon Internal Humidity:

Even Internal Humidity:

Nite Internal Humidity:

Morn External Temperature:

Noon External Temperature:

Even External Temperature:

Nite External Temperature:

Morn External Humidity:

Noon External Humidity:

Even External Humidity:

Nite External Humidity:

Morn Air Pressure:

Noon Air Presssure:

Even Air Pressure:

Nite Air Pressure:

Sprout Report:
Heater ran for 14:44 hours
Electrical readings:
119.3 Volts, 0.51Amps, 42.7Watts, 61.7Va, 61.0Hz, 0.76PF, 0.62KWH
    Current    Min       Max
Temp:    90oF        41oF        90oF
Humid:    12%        12%        21%
Hydro tank water level: 16 cm
Hydro tank pH level: 8.65
Hydro tank temperture: 72.4oF
    Current    Min        Max
Temp:    86oF        86oF        106oF
Humid:    13%        9%        13%
Water level: 6.5cm
Hydro tank pH level: 7.86
Hydro tank temperture: 82.3
Sprout Watering Quantity:

Sprout Watering Time:

Plant Report:
Plants look well, it was cold in the morning, but it was hot in the afternoon. Quinua seedlings
continue to grow and two of them had grown their first pair of leaves.
Plant Watering Quantity:

Plant Watering Time:

Harvest Report:

Maintenance Report:

Supplies Request: