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Commander Report
Prepared by Jorge Mirez

Hello Earthlings .
Today early in the morning we talked about every project. We have
learned a lot about how to work and survive on Mars. There are few
words to say how excited we are. In our fanpage (in facebook), we will
be uploading photos with adequate explanation and detail to broadcast
our work. Today we went EVA for the project Diego; however, the
sensors not endured the harsh Martian conditions. Today the wind and
sun irradiation was strong. In the afternoon and evening, our station
remained buffeted by strong winds. However, our perseverance is strong
and our positive mind is like steel. Today we saw the sunrise and
sunset with longing because in two Martian days a spacecraft will
leave with most of the crew to Earth. In the MDRS, Jorge Mirez will
stay with crew 141, who tomorrow around noon, will arrive in that
spacecraft. They will land near the station. We will share with them a
Martian day to share with them our work , welcome them to the station
and share our experiences. We hope everyone tomorrow will see the
stars, planets and galaxies from the observatory. Remember that "what
you do in life, resonates in eternity". We see our projects, as a good
contribution, for which we have done everything possible. Hope
everyone is well on Earth. Good night. See you tomorrow.