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GreenHab Report
Prepared by Roberto Adolfo Ubidia
Morn Internal Temperature:

Noon Internal Temperature:

Even Internal Temperature:

Nite Internal Temperature:

Morn Internal Humidity:

Noon Internal Humidity:

Even Internal Humidity:

Nite Internal Humidity:

Morn External Temperature:

Noon External Temperature:

Even External Temperature:

Nite External Temperature:

Morn External Humidity:

Noon External Humidity:

Even External Humidity:

Nite External Humidity:

Morn Air Pressure:

Noon Air Presssure:

Even Air Pressure:

Nite Air Pressure:

Sprout Report:
Heater ran for 15:07 hours
Electrical readings:
118.1 Volts, 0.50Amps, 42.2Watts, 59.3Va, 60.2Hz, 0.71PF, 0.64KWH
    Current    Min       Max
Temp:    64oF        48oF        86oF
Humid:    18%        13%        19%
Hydro tank water level: 5.8 cm
Hydro tank pH level: 8.25
Hydro tank temperture: 64.9oF
    Current    Min        Max
Temp:    90oF        64oF        100oF
Humid:    12%        10%        18%
Water level: 5.8cm
Hydro tank pH level: 7.86
Hydro tank temperture: 64.9
Sprout Watering Quantity:

Sprout Watering Time:

Plant Report:
Plants were growing well, the lettuce that was looking weird is better. In the morning a little black
bird entered the greenhab but couldn't fint a way to exit, we had to help him.
Plant Watering Quantity:

Plant Watering Time:

Harvest Report:

Maintenance Report:

Supplies Request: