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Eva Report
Kavya K.Manyapu
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Two parts to the EVA
1. Mars Rover- MA Complimentary Human rOver (MACHO) testing
2. EVA Stretcher Testing

CapCom: Chris Cokinos
Rover Test: Test Director and Rover Operator : Joshua Borchardt
EVA Test Conductor: Kavya K.Manyapu
Mars Rover Macho built by UND Space studies was tested today. There were 4 main tests that were planned for the EVA but we were only able to complete 3 because of low battery charge on the rover. However, the rest of the objectives were successfully completed. We did a 360 degree drive around the habitat with the rover, a distance test to see what our range is, and then we investigated one outcrop to visit tomorrow with the terraspec. The only test we did not complete was an inclination/steep terrain test because the battery died.  Prior to the EVA we put several obstacles inside the habitat---going over folded stools, large rocks, small rocks, and judging distance, field of view, and what to do if it is stuck.

EVA Team: Jorge, Humberto, Peter
Tested a multi-purpose EVA tool that serves as a 1)transportation tool for the crew for short distances (ridden as a bicycle),2) can be converted to a stretcher in case of emergencies. as well as 3)a tool to be used for collecting samples for science. The crew took measurements to assemble and disassemble the parts into various configurations.It took 7 minutes to assembly the bicycle from separate parts,11 minutes to convert the bicycle to stretcher and 4 minutes to dissemble the stretcher into single parts.

Both EVAs were performed in a complementary fashion to minimize time while maintaining safety.
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Constant communication with the hab
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