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Commander Report
Pete Morgan-Dimmick

Things are thus far going swimmingly. Moral is high and the team remains well motivated and

We've established a routine of waking up and eating breakfast together while we discuss the day
ahead. Afterwards we work on our individual projects and test procedures and equipment prior to our
daily afternoon EVAs. We make it a point to eat lunch and dinner together as well.

We've purposely kept our schedule fluid, because it improves moral which in turn improves
productivity. We've also begun incorporating some unusual routines like yoga to keep people relaxed
and from getting sore - some of our EVAs are quite strenuous. For instance today we lugged a 60lb
30kilo spectrometer up the butte located north of the hab.

And though the Hab could use a little bit of TLC (we are after all the final crew) we have had no
problems accomplishing our tasks and getting good data. I couldn't ask for a better crew to spend my
time with here.


Pete Morgan-Dimmick
MDRS Crew 141
XO / Acting Commander