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Commander Report
Pete Morgan-Dimmick

Things continue to go very well. The crew completed a successful EVA today to scout locations for
testing EVA rescue techniques. The revisited areas from last year, but the second location was deemed
too remote and dangerous (due to the likelihood of finding Mars rattlesnakes). I will recommend to the
commander that we not visit this location for testing the rescue techniques.

Last night we were also able to get the telescope up and running. Although we are still fine tuning it
we were able to get a nice picture of the Sombrero Galaxy.

Moral remains high as temperatures increase, so will likely start doing our EVAs in the morning.

We're coming up on the mid point of our rotation here, and tomorrow Kavya leaves us. She's been walking
me though the engineering reports and tasks, which I'll be taking over after she departs. We'll
temporarily be down to 5 people until Alex, our commander arrives.


Pete Morgan-Dimmick
MDRS Crew 141
XO / Acting Commander