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EVA Plan Report
May 1 2014

Due to the close proximity to the Hab the report submission page did not allow details to be input, nor am I able to provide a map. As such details will be contained within this transmission.

Tomorrow we would like to do a near Hab EVA to test Jorge's ergonomic backpack, stretcher bike, and Spiderbot. All three items integrate with each other and form a single system to aid a user in EVA. We would also like to hike up the small hill west of the Hab to collect samples of oyster fossils. Time permitting our third objective is to search the local area for meteorites. Should any meteorites be found we will take photos, record the GPS coordinates, and collect them with sterile gloves. Specimens will be reported to the Bureau of Land Management either through mission support, or directly if permission is granted. Due to increasing temperatures this will be our first morning EVA.

EvaPlan Report
Pete Morgan-Dimmick
Point0 Away:
Point0 East:
Point0 North:
Eva Number:
Go Rogue:
Route Change:
Lead Name:
Jorge Mirez
Suit Num One:

Atv Num One:

Navi Name:
Chris Cokinos
Suit Num Two:

Atv Num Two:

Three Name:
Kavya Manyapu
Suit Num Three:

Atv Num Three:

Four Name:
Humberto De Las Casas
Suit Num Four:

Atv Num Four:

Five Name:

Suit Num Five:

Atv Num Five:

Depart Time:
10:00 AM