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Commander Report
Pete Morgan-Dimmick

Mid rotation slump is starting to set in, not helped by the fact that the EVA suits are in need of
maintenance. We had to terminate today's EVA due to inadequate airflow in the helmets. Still, crew
remains in good shape. We would like to start eating the fresh vegetables in the Greenhab.

In a more unusual turn of events we've started to attract space tourists who come out and mill
around the Hab. If we happen to be outside we briefly talk to them before politely asking that they
allow us to continue our work. If we are inside when they arrive we keep an eye on them, but do not

Kavya leaves us bright and early tomorrow, we'll all be sorry to see her go. I'll be taking over
triple duty as acting commander, engineer, and XO until our commander Alex Diaz arrives. We'll make
it work. The crew remains very self motivated.

Heading into the weekend we have a light duty load so the crew can relax. Things will pick back up
when Alex arrives with a whole new set of projects.

So all in all things remain good as we reach the midpoint of our rotation.