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Commander Report
Pete Morgan-Dimmick

Alex arrives tonight, so I'll be handing over command to him, making this my last Commander report.
Things are going well, we had a nice relaxing weekend in preparation for all the EVA Rescue practice
starting tomorrow.

The Greenhab sustained some damage today due to high winds, but we managed to brace the south wall
to prevent further damage. Still the wind is making it difficult to perform EVAs and preventing us
from using the telescope. We hope it does down. Humberto has started constructing a wind turbine to
take advantage of the weather. We'll deploy it on an EVA.

Also of note ATV 1 has a crooked rear left wheel. Hopefully it just requires some tightening of the

Other than that moral remains high, and we're expecting to be fairly busy next week with a slew of
new EVA projects of which Alex is the lead.

Pete Morgan-Dimmick
MDRS Crew 141
XO / Acting Commander and Acting Engineer