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Journalists Report

Literature Review : Bibliomancy with Percival Lowell's Mars as the Abode of Life
        --at the Mars Desert Research Station, Crew 141, southern Utah

It is, then, that which, when possible, intelligence would adopt.  Even in the case of our very accidented earth, our lines of communication are being rectified every year as we progress to mastery of our globe.

A winter on Mars in high latitudes has a polar complexion to it not wholly pleasing to contemplate.

Whole tracts are brilliantly lighted by the inhabitants till they must resemble London or Paris seen by night, only that in these thoroughfares of the abysses of the sea the passers-by provide the illumination, each, as it swims about, swinging its own latern as in old Japan, though better--

But this is not all.

Their characteristics and their attitudes, in short, betray that at some time subsequent to the fashioning of the planet's general features, the lines were superposed upon them.

Nothing stops its measured progress, or proves deterrent to its course.

Water, indeed, acts as solution to the whole problem.

It is the thing itself, stamped with that all-pervading, indefinable hall-mark of authenticity in which the cleverest reproduction somehow fails.
Still more inexplicable on any natural hypothesis is the systematized arrangement of the lines to form a network over the whole planet.

For thus a body opens its eyes to the cosmos.  Now, this is precisely what we do find.

-Christopher Cokinos