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Commander Report
Alex Diaz

What a day! That's the best way that I can describe today; we accomplished so much. We woke up in great spirits and started getting ready for our first rescue EVA test. We had a Boeing Communications representative visit us and the whole crew was able to participate in the interview, each member giving a briefing on their areas of expertise on the habitat. We were able to invite the Boeing Communications representative to observe one of our EVAs. The short film will be shown in Boeing News and may potentially also be presented at The Mars Society Convention. The objective of today's EVA was to transport an injured EVA crewmember (simulated) up a slope. Unfortunately, due high winds we were not able to complete all our planned EVAs. Thus, the ATV stretcher tow will be performed tomorrow. We came back to the habitat in the early afternoon and the crew was exhausted. We put our equipment away, had lunch and began our personal interviews with the Boeing representative. Time for the crew is flying by here in Mars and it's hard to believe that we only have four more days in our crew rotation. We have a lot more work to do and we plan to finish strong. 

Alex Diaz