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Eva Report
Alex Diaz

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The objective of today's EVA was to pull a modified EVA stretcher up a hill (~50 deg slope). We used a four wheel configuration with 13" wheels and then with 16" wheels. The stretcher was pulled via two methods: 1) two crewmembers, and 2) ATV.

The first method used single point anchor system with two crewmembers at the top of the hill pulling the stretcher. This was very challenging and the recommendation is to instead use a Z-pulley system, which would allow a single crewmember to pull up a heavy load (i.e. crewmember) up a slope. The second method used the ATV to pull the stretcher using the same single point anchor system (note, the rope was long enough to allow the ATV to be on the road). This was a very successful test, as the ATV had no problem pulling the stretcher.
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