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Science Report
Cyprien Verseux

We prepared 20 500-ml culture bottles containing some Mars regolith analogue and distilled water 
(50 g/ 250 ml), and sterilized them using a pressure cooker bought on the way to Utah. 10 of them 
will be inoculated with 1/50th (v/v) of cyanobacterial culture right after this report is 
submitted. Cultures and negative controls will be stored on the lab bench, where they will be 
exposed to the ambient light and temperature until the moment when they will be processed for 
feeding plant cultures.

Carmel, the GreenHab Officer, begun filling plant culture trays with regolith (> 100 pots with 10 
g each), in addition to all her other duties. We also prepared synthetic urine and Christiane, 
the Crew Engineer, started building the solar cooker that will be used to heat regolith in water.