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GreenHab Report

Date: 11/06/2014

GreenHab Officer Name: Carmel Johnston

 Time: 5pm

                       Current          Daily Min          Daily Max

Temperature (degF)       73                 30                91

Relative Humidity (%)    16                 12                23

Hydro tank water level (from bottom):

Hydro tank pH level:

Hydro tank temperature (degF):

Hydro overflow amount:

Plant Report:

2014-2015 season lettuce starts were checked for adequate moisture and
determined to be sufficient for today.

Crew 142 Martian soil project is going full bore with all trays being
filled with their respective treatment soil, planted, and watered. Go
for grow!

Watering Activity Notes:

All crew 142 experiment trays were water for the first time mid day
today after the final planting was completed. Watering will continue
at 5mL (radishes) and 0.5mL (chard) twice per day unless it is deemed
that there adequate moisture.

Heater Activity Notes:

Fan Activity Notes:

Fan ran from 9am until 5pm. Temperatures inside the GreenHab exceeding
90degF required the main door to the tunnel to be opened to allow for
greater circulation. The tunnel door was open from 11:00-12:30.

Hydroponics Electrical readings:




LED Lamp Electrical readings:




Maintenance Report:

Supplies Request: