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HSO Report

November 6, 2014

Vincent W. Coljee

The crew health is good and no safety concerns have been noted. Today the bottom level lab area was cleaned of the last remaining dust/sand and other dirt and this time the crew members doing the cleaning wore face masks. Tonight a rodent was spotted by crew members as we were writing our reports on the second level. Attempts to remove it are in progress.

As a crew we have talked about and agreed that a certain number of safety and emergency drills will be done during our rotation. We haven't done any yet because frankly we have been too busy in getting the Hab habitable. Now we all scrubbed and cleaned. That means we will start a series of different drills simulating emergencies from a fire drill to various medical emergencies both in EVA and in the Hab. Both the CO and fire alarm were tested and are functioning.

Yesterday I reported that it would be nice to have some first aid manuals and and another crew member discovered some present, including one in french. Looking over them, some first aid tutorial videos could be useful as well. Some of the crew have been asking questions about what to do in certain scenarios, and while I can tell them, it is a different experience from seeing it. If bandwidth permits I may use some youtube-derived tutorials. These may be particularly nice to see for drills we have run ourselves. Being on Mars adds complexity to that.