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Science Report
Cyprien Verseux

Good news from the GreenHab: less than 24 hours after seeding, radishes have already
germinated. A few seeds were visible as not fully covered by soil (seeds are close to the
surface and watering uncovered them) and all them have sprouted, independently from the type
of soil. We're now looking forward to seeing which will grow further than what seed stocks
alone permit, and how growth rates will differ. Chards have  not shown any sign of activity
yet, consistently with their expected time-to-germination (>=3d).

A slight green cloud is now visible above the regolith layer in the cyanobacteria's culture
bottles. They have recovered from the airplane trip, in spite of the cold temperatures, lack
of illumination and absence of nutrients (as no centrifuge is available here, I washed cells
beforehand and resuspended them in saline solution).

I Joined today's EVA for sampling. Even though  a mechanical problem prevented me from
collecting as much samples as I planned, I collected 3 which I'm looking forward to analyzing
in my home lab.