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GreenHab Report
Carmel Johnston

Current Temperature:
Minimum Temperature:
Maximum Temperature:
Current Humidity:
Minimum Humidity:
Maximum Humidity:
Hydro Tank Level:

Hydro Tank P H:

Hydro Tank Temp F:

Hydro Tank Over Flow:

Plant Report:
2014-2015 season lettuce: starts were transported from the Hab to
GreenHab in the morning. No
sprouting has occurred yet. They were again transported back to the
Hab this evening.

Crew 142 Martian soil project: Radish seeds are beginning to
germinate, several seeds pushing
themselves up through the soil. Seeds were covered up with their own
soil in the morning to
ensure proper root formation. Chard seeds have not shown signs of
germination yet.
Watering Activity Notes:
2014-2015 season lettuce: starts were moistened lightly with a spray
bottle to ensure not

Crew 142 Martian soil project: Experiment trays were watered in the
morning at 5mL (radishes) and
0.5mL (chard). It was observed that the regolith without compost added
dried out significantly
more than the compost treatment cells. This may alter our watering
scheme in the coming days.
More information is included in the Biologist report.
Heater Activity Notes:
Heater was off at 8:00 am. Heating resumed at 5:30pm.
Fan Activity Notes:
Fan ran from 9:00 am until 5pm.
Hydroponic Time:

Hydroponic Duration:

Hydroponic Kw H:

Led Lamp Time:

Led Lamp Duration:

Led Lamp Kw H:

Maintenance Report:

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