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HSO Report

November 8th, 2014.

Vincent W. Coljee HSO

The crew health is good overall, one crew member had a bruised thumb on friday evening. It has been iced and is given 200 mg of ibuprofen twice for reducing inflammation.

The toilet situation has improved and since yesterday morning it has given no more problems.

One crew member demonstrated the utility of the backpack frames to carry a casualty. This was highly effective in producing a suitable stretcher. Methods of how to carry injured crew members were discussed, and the various methods of carrying a casualty for different emergencies were discussed. It was shown clearly how effective teamwork in such situations can be rather than the use of brawn. The crew has not only expressed an interest in first aid but the two crew members who were least familiar have been seen studying the first aid manuals. This is highly encouraging. All expressed an interest in taking EMT training before MA365 if selected now that our drills are showing how useful this training can be and how applicable.

A little before four pm, a crewmember let the other crewmember s/he was with on EVA know that s/he was starting a drill. They and two others were on EVA on foot within about 100 meters of the Hab. The drill commenced and given that it was a simulated heatstroke in sim, the responses of the crew again were fast and to the point both in communicating and in providing the appropriate first aid. There are always things to do even better and we extensively discussed how to further improve and why. More to point the radio's were the weakest link, and the most likely cause of miscommunication so we are happy replacements are on their way.