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Eva Report


Digby Tarvin

Eva Number:


Eva Date:


Time Slot:



Continue the Solar Cooker experiment, extend gene mining sample collection and perform further tests of the drone.


An EVA team of four crew members, which split into two pairs.

Commander and XO worked on the Solar Cooker while Cyprien and Dario walked to the rise West of the hab to search for suitable nearby gene sampling sites.


The Solar Cooker experiment was very successful, reaching temperatures that exceeded the operating capability of our instruments in quite a short time. The sampling and drone tests were also successful, and eight suitable sites were sampled.


A crew member suffered a (simulated) injury returning to the hab, but was recovered and without incident and is now recovering well.

Eva Depart Time:


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Check In East Three:


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Check In Note Four:


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Waypoint1arrive Time:


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Wp4 N:


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Waypoint Four Finding:


Waypoint Five Easting:


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Waypoint Five Findings: