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Science Report
Dario Parastesh

The drone was flown and tested today for the very first timesince the
previous activities involving it were mainly practice activities. I had
a good response for almost all the technical outputs. In particular:

- - The drone can be controlled quite easily. However, a more accurate and
checked trim need to be performed in order to achieve a real hovering.
As tomorrow my presence is required inside the HAB, I am gonna testing
it in the Bio Lab since there is a good quantity of space to be used.

- - The gloves yet permits to use the radio controller but the sensibility
is considerably reduced since they give a weird sensation of huge sticks
movements when trying to reduce/increase the throttle as well as the
elevator, aileron and rudder. A more comfortable and thinner gloves
would be ideal.

- - This drone can be controlled in a 100 m range and has no GPS signal
while the one I am planning to bring to FMARS would resolve both of the

- - A more practice is required to feel comfortable order to pilot the
drone by the camcorder inserted in the radio controllersince I don’t
really have the sensation of where the drone is.

However, it seems that an use of this instrument could be very useful in
a FMARS mission to look for presence of water or minerals in the soil
coupled with the use of Thermocameras.