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The regolith microgreen and radish experiments are growing quite rapidly, and we are excited about the observations that we can make at this point.

Most of the radishes have germinated or shown signs of imminent germination by disruption of the soil crust. There was significant growth during the day today observed from the onset to the conclusion of our daily watering. The Earth soil treatment is continuing to hold water better than the regolith treatments, leading us to water once per day for the Earth soil and contemplate the need to water at night.

We have observed that the indoor treatments have not grown as rapidly as the greenhouse treatments. This is consistent with what we expect as the Hab does not see the extremely high temperatures midday as in the GreenHab. Additionally, the GreenHab is no longer reaching freezing at night since we use the electric heater, so plants are showing growth overnight.

After submission of this report, the microgreen samples in the Hab will be watered for the second time today, with 0.5 mL distilled water.

Carmel Johnston, Vincent W. Coljee, and Cyprien Verseux, biologists of the Crew 142.