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HSO Report
November 14th, 2014
Vincent W. Coljee

The crew is healthy.

No safety concerns. A crew member  ran a drill this evening, the HSO was asked about whether there was a light in the greenhab, and he confirmed there was one but it was not easy to locate and offered to help. Once there, the crew member initiated a drill with vague signs of dizziness and cold, with shaking, the crew member didn't even need to act very much, it has been cold here today with some snow, hail and freezing rain. The HSO was reduced to a prop holding the light and the remainder of the crew arrived promptly and proceeded to provide first aid. After first determining there were no obvious serious other issues they helped the crew member back to the hab, made him warm and comfortable, checked vitals and provided a hot drink. Much improved, the crew member rapidly recovered. The last drill in sim.

The right way to end sim not having any troubles, team happy and sharp.